Are You A Stay At Home Mom? (SAHM) Become A VIPKID Teacher!

If you read my story on how I found VIPKID, you already know that my number one reason for taking this job was to better prioritize my family! Although I don’t have children (yet), I knew that working full-time in the public schools and having young children would be very overwhelming for me. There are many moms who are able to carry this out flawlessly- they are amazing and I applaud them! Many of my friends have found schedules, daycare, and routines that work for them in regard to handling a full-time job and being an awesome mom. However, I know myself very well and I knew that I would not handle that type of stress well, which means I wouldn’t be at my best as a mother or a teacher. Taking this job has been a true blessing for me. I’m happier, heathier, and my work-life balance is a 100 times better. I am confident that when it comes time for my baby someday I will be in a much better mindset than I was full-time teaching. What makes being a VIPKID teacher an amazing job for stay at home moms? Read below!!

  1. The Power of Creating Your Own Schedule- The freedom that comes with setting your own work hours and days is a huge plus for SAHM’s. It allows you to create your work schedule around your family time and at home responsibilities! This means you can pick your children up from school, be there for family events, etc.


  1. Being at Home– For SAHM’s every minute with their child is precious!! The best part of being a VIPKID teacher is that you teach from the comfort of your own home 🙂


  1. Work While Your Kids Sleep- This is another amazing perk of being a VIPKID teacher. Due to the time change between the United States and China, you will be working some very early or late night hours. Although this may be an adjustment for you, this allows you to work while your children are sleeping. This maximizes the time you have to spend with your family!


  1. Potential Savings on Daycare Costs- As a VIPKID teacher, you may be able to avoid putting your child in full-time daycare, which can save you thousands!


  1. VIPKID Community Support- Although you will be working from home as a VIPKID teacher, you will not be alone! There are thousands of stay at home moms who are current VIPKID teachers and are more than happy to share their tips and tracks of how they maintain a healthy work-life balance!




Make Extra $$$ While Staying Home- A job as a VIPKID teacher allows you to be at home with your family AND bring in supplemental income! If you are curious to know more details how much you can make as a part-time (or full-time) VIPKID teacher, have additional questions about VIPKID Teacher requirements, etc. please feel free to e-mail me at

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