Secrets, Tips, & Tricks for Reapplying with VIPKID


If you are finding this article and failed your demo lesson or Mock 1, my first word of advice is to NOT GIVE UP! Working VIPKID is truly a life changing job and it is worth putting in the extra effort to hired. I planned and prepared for about a month in order to ensure I would ace my demo and Mock 1! Guess what? It totally paid off and I got to bypass Mock 2 and begin teaching right away! So-you failed your Mock 1 or demo lesson, I know it can be discouraging! Maybe you experienced tech issues, your nerves got the best of you, or your pacing was off. Hey, it happens! Let’s be honest- your demo and Mock 1 can be very intimidating! Online teaching is a very unique experience and there are so many factors that go into delivering the perfect lesson. Did you know that there are many current VIPKID teachers that failed the first time around? So stop feeling defeated and get to work! You actually have a BETTER CHANCE of passing the application process the second time for two reasons:

  1. FEEDBACK: This is your secret weapon! Your mock class evaluator (or VIPKID employee if you failed the demo) has given you detailed feedback on what areas of your lesson need improvement. This is your chance to work on refining the specific aspects of your teaching that VIPKID has requested! I am also happy to read over your feedback and help you determine what steps you need to take to improve your instruction. Some applicants I have worked with ask for a Skype session so we can practice the lesson before they officially do their Mock 1 or Demo again. I am happy to support you in whatever way I can! Want me to take a look at your feedback, watch your demo or mock 1, or simply give you some words of encouragement?! I want to you to meet and fulfill your goal of becoming a VIPKID teacher! This job seriously changed my life for the better, and it can do the same for you. Feel free to e-mail me at and I will help you in any way I can!
  2. KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT: You are able to do everything better on the second time around! Those pesky tech issues will be sorted out ahead of time, your lighting will be on point, and audio quality crystal clear, all because you had the experience of doing it once before. You may even feel less nervous because you understand the demo lesson or Mock 1 format now that you experienced it.

So here’s the inside scoop of the reapplication process. If you failed the initial interview (demo), VIPKID typically does not offer you the option to reapply. However, don’t stress- there is a relatively *secret* way around this! Use a different e-mail address and my referral code 0512TN (or simply click the link to the right that says “I’m ready to apply with VIPKID”). This will automatically add you to my select group of coaching applicants and gives you a brand new opportunity of becoming a VIPKID teacher!

Some applicants receive an e-mail form VIPKID asking them to reapply after a failed Mock 1. This means that the evaluator saw some awesome teaching potential in you and feels you just need a little more practice. They may ask you to wait a few months before reapplying. However, if you are anxious to get started and reapply, you can also go through the application with a new e-mail address as soon as possible!

I will be honest- the application process is NOT easy, but it’s NOT impossible! Having the support of someone like myself who has successfully gone through the process can make it feel a lot less overwhelming. VIPKID is quickly becoming a well- known and respected company and with that comes a more competitive application process. Let me help you be informed, prepared, and ready to pass your Mock 1 and demo lesson with flying colors! Have questions or ready to reapply? Feel free to e-mail me at


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