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I’m A VIPKID Teacher Newbie, Now What?

Marketing Yourself & Building Your VIP Business

Congratulations on being hired with VIPKID! There is no doubt in my mind that you will absolutely love this job! If you are anything like me, you are probably chomping at the bit to get started teaching those adorable children. You may be wondering, how do I get bookings? Or, my bookings are so low, is this normal? One important piece of information you must keep in mind as you prepare to teach is that it can take time to build your student base. You are a NEW VIPKID teacher, so naturally parents and students will need to learn a little more about you before they begin booking you. It is totally normal to have low or no bookings within the first month. There are many things you can to do market yourself and ensure you are drawing positive attention to your teacher profile. In this article I go over some different ways you can build your business and attract parents to book you for sessions!

  1. A Concise Bio- Make sure your bio is short, sweet, and to the point. Parents will be scrolling through thousands of teacher profiles and they certainly do NOT have the time to read your life story! They will get to know you once they book you for their child and fall in love with your teaching style J Parents primarily care about your education and your experience with children. If you have any special certificates to teach English language learners, you will want to add them here as well. Remember to introduce yourself and state your education credentials within the first 2 sentences of your bio. Cut out all the extra fluff! Once you have written your bio run it through to ensure you get your message across clearly to parents. Translate it to Chinese and then back to English, correcting anything that sounds strange.
  2. A Stellar Professional Photo & Fun Life Photos– Your professional picture is featured on your teacher profile and is the FIRST thing parents see when scrolling through prospective teachers for their child. You want this photo to be clear, professional, and include only yourself in the photo. A big smile is important as well! Your life photos can be more casual and are what parents will see once they click on your profile to learn more about you. Including photos of yourself doing your favorite activities, on vacation, or with your pet are perfect! Be sure your casual pictures are still professional and tactful J A neat tip- you are able to change your professional picture or life picture at any time! You can experiment with different ones to see which gives you the most attention from parents. Eventually you will want your professional one to stay constant as this will be the way parents come to recognize you.
  3. Open your schedule as much as possible! When you are first starting out with VIPKID and trying to get your name out there- it is so important for you to make yourself available! I cannot stress this enough. This means opening up “peak, peak” time slots and as many of them as your schedule will allow. If you are able to pull an all-nighter on the weekend or some graveyard shifts during the week, this will give you more exposure and increase your chances of being booked! Remember, this will NOT be your schedule forever- once you build your student base you can customize your schedule to your liking.
  4. Seek out opportunities through VIPKID to market yourself.

*Bedtime Stories- This is a fun opportunity where you select a children’s book to read (appropriate for children ages 5-12) and record yourself as you complete a read aloud. You will also need to type a transcript of the text of the book. Send this in to VIPKID and they may use it on the website or as a way to promote VIPKID! This can be great exposure! E-mail fresh desk for more information on this opportunity.

*Virtual Field Trips This is another great way to get your name out there! Create a video of yourself introducing any topic (such as hiking, sports, cooking, birthdays, different foods, etc. ) and send it in to VIPKID. It should be approximately seven to eleven minutes in length. Don’t worry about editing it- VIPKID will take care of that for you! You can earn 40 to 60 dollars for each submission AND get the exposure you need to effectively market yourself to parents! E-mail fresh desk for more information on this opportunity.

  1. Enroll in VIPKID Workshops

While you patiently wait for the bookings to come rolling in, take this opportunity to learn  and grow as a teacher! VIPKID offers a ton of great workshops that will help you to develop and strengthen your teaching abilities, as well as offer you a deeper knowledge of English language instruction. Workshops also allow you to connect with others teachers and be an active member of the VIPKID community! 

Have more questions about bookings or marketing yourself as you begin teaching with VIPKID? Feel free to email me at and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!



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