How To Get Hired As A VIPKID Teacher: Are you up for the challenge?

How To Get Hired As A VIPKID Teacher

This job is certainly an amazing one, but becoming a VIPKID teacher takes some serious preparation (see my “Application Process” article for more information on the specific steps). For a job that allows you to stay at home, work in your pajamas, and set your own schedule, you’d expect that everyone wants to get in on the action! Well VIPKID is quite aware of how desirable this job is, which gives them the right to be very selective on who the chose to bring on as a teacher. There is fierce competition to become a VIPKID teacher, as well as to land bookings! The teachers who are motivated and dedication to teaching children wind up being the most successfully in this job! Are you considering applying to VIPKID? Read this first to see if you up for the challenge!

Preparing Your Environment- You need to ensure you have a clean and neat background when preparing for your demo lesson and mock lessons. This means you should NOT see mounds of clothes behind you, your bed, dirty dishes, etc.! Make your background look as professional and educational as possible. Place an ABC poster up on the wall, a homemade sign with your name on it, or maybe a map of the U.S.A. Remember, you are teaching young children and you want to present yourself as organized, professional, and neat! You also want to make sure you are doing your interview/demo/mock lessons in a well-lit room with no outside noise. Another important factor is to test your internet connection, webcam, and headphones before you begin your interview, demo, or mock lesson! If technology fails during your interview, mock lesson, or demo, it could cause you to be disqualified in moving on with the application process.

Preparing To Teach the Content- VIPKID gives you the lessons you are going to teach as part of the application process ahead of time. I cannot stress enough how critical it is that you not only study the content, but practice delivering the lesson. This means setting a timer, recording yourself, or actually teaching the ALL components of the lesson to your friend’s child, your little cousin, or another adult pretending to be a child! If you do not put in the time to practice delivering the lesson, I guarantee you will be extremely nervous during your mock or demo lesson! This could be a recipe for disaster, don’t put yourself in this situation. Study the lesson and practice delivering the content. You should also plan to time yourself…pacing is very important during your lesson. You should expect to spend about one minute per slide, adding up to a total of 25 minutes a session.

Preparing To Use TPR- It is essential that during your lesson you use a method called “Total Physical Response”. This is an ESL technique which includes using gestures and body language to communicate concepts, vocabulary words, and ideas. It is a huge component of the English language learning process, especially for young children being exposed to a second language. TPR use is on the demo/mock interview rubric and you will be scored on how well you implement this strategy!

Preparing To “Look” The part- Remember, these sweet little children look forward to seeing their teacher’s face each time they enter the virtual classroom! VIPKID teachers need to be ALWAYS be smiling, energetic, and wearing conservative attire. The same goes requirements should be applied for the interview, demo lesson, and mock. Show VIPKID you are serious about landing this job by “looking” the part of a teacher!

Partner Up With A Current VIPKID Teacher- Receiving coaching from an experienced VIPKID teacher (like me) can make the application process MUCH easier for you! Another perk of working with a coach/mentor…VIPKID loves to see you have a mentor supporting you! It shows your motivation to learn more about the job and that you are dedicated to becoming a VIPKID teacher. I just taught my 1,000 VIPKID class and entered my second contract. My goal is to help support others and help them land this amazing job!

Ready to apply and head down the path of becoming a VIPKID teacher? Click the the “I’m Ready To Apply To VIPKID” banner to the right of this article to get started! Still have questions about the application process or what to expect? Free free to e-mail me at and I will be happy to provide you with more information! Happy teaching

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