I Failed My VIPKID Mock Class- NOW WHAT?

Let’s be honest here, the VIPKID application process is tough! I receive many e-mails from applicants that have failed their demo, Mock 1 or 2, but are still highly motivated to reapply. The good news is this is totally possible! You do NOT Need to wait the 3 months that VIPKID suggests (see my other article “FAILED YOUR MOCK CLASS OR DEMO- REAPPLY”) for more information on this. I’m here to tell you the benefits of not passing the application process the first time around and reapplying:

*At shot at a higher base pay rate- Did you know that during your demo lesson, your performance determines your base pay rate? Most people are super nervous as this is the first time they will be delivering a VIPKID lesson, either through a video recording or live with a Mock Class mentor. Those who do pass don’t always do a stellar job and they are offered a lower base rate per session. This ranges from $7.00 to $9.00 dollars a class. Having failed the application process once, gives you a major advantage to shoot for higher base pay! You know what to expect from each step of the application process and some of those first time demo lesson jitters have subsided! Who doesn’t love to be paid more for their time- benefit number 1 of failing the first time around!

*FREE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT– Going through the application process the second time around is basically free on-the- job experience. It provides you with multiple chances to refine your teaching skills, get comfortable with the content, and the online platform. Basically it’s an awesome opportunity to develop and grow as a VIPKID teacher! Your teaching sessions may be of a higher quality because you had multiple opportunities to practice and learn during the application process!

*FEEDBACK- The second time around, you KNOW what your strengths and weakness are! The mock class mentors have given you valuable feedback. This is basically providing you with a blueprint for success. You know what areas you need to improve on and what to continue to include in your lessons. I have coached many people through this process the second time around and we craft their teaching preparation around the feedback they receive in their failed Mocks or demo lessons.

*FREE COACHING- Working with a current experienced VIPKID teacher (like me!) gives you a huge advantage! Together we will create a game plan to get you through the process as simply and easily as possible! VIPKID loves to see that you are working with current VIPKID teacher. It shows your commitment to landing the job and your dedication to the online teaching profession! If you would like me to provide you with coaching through the application process as you reapply, feel free to e-mail me at teacherkristen25@gmail.com

*Have questions about failing your mock class or demo?
Still uncertain about reapplying? Please reach out to me at teacherkristen25@gmail.com. I am happy to help you out! The application process can seem overwhelming, especially when you are motivated to begin working as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to e-mail me with questions, both big or small! This job is amazing and is worth the extra effort to make it through the application process. I’m here to tell you can have this job if you really want it!! You’ll be working in your pajama bottoms, setting your own schedule, and teaching the sweetest children in China in no time!

Happy Teaching

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