I Failed My VIPKID Mock Class! Should I Re-apply?

As a recent VIPKID applicant, I know the tremendous amount of planning that goes into preparing for the demo and mock classes! Most people that apply for this job are serious about teaching online and do everything in their power to make it past all of the rounds of the interview process. However, did you know that VIPKID accepts roughly only 10 percent of their applicants? They have the power to be very selective….the competition to become a VIPKID teacher is fierce! The job being a work from home teaching position attracts lots of highly qualified applicants, many with years of teaching experience, and some who have already taught online before. I have had several applicants that failed the process e-mail me and ask if they should even think about reapplying. Failing the process can really shake your confidence and make you doubt yourself as a potential VIPKID teacher! I am here to tell you NOT to feel discouraged or defeated! Not making it through the process the first time a round does NOT mean you need to give up on this job! It does NOT mean you don’t have the skills to teach English to students online!

The application process is VERY different the actual job…it is actually much easier! On the job, you aren’t being evaluated by a member of the VIPKID team. You are teaching actual students in a much more relaxed environment (instead of recording yourself talking to no one OR teaching an adult pretending to be a student LOL). And like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get at delivering the online content in a efficient and successful way!


If you have failed your mock or demo, and have a sincere desire to work for VIPKID, I encourage you to reapply! I promise you the application process will be much smoother the second time around. This is where having a coach (like me!) comes in to help support you through the process. It is really nice to have someone to lean on for support, ask questions, and keep you motivated through the process. There are many benefits to going through the application process the second time around, number one being a better base rate of pay (check out my other articles on this subject for more information)! So I am here to tell you if you have the drive and motivation to be a VIPKID teacher, DO NOT feel discouraged if you receive the dreaded “we regret to inform you” e-mail. This is not the end of the road for you! One applicant recently e-mailed saying he needed this job to help support his family as they were moving to a new state. He didn’t make it through the application process the first time around and reach out to me for support. In his e-mail he stated “this time failure is not option”. This really resonated with me- he had a very “compelling why” to land this job and he did all he could to fully prepare and plan the second time around. I am happy to report that he is now teaching with VIPKID and doing quite well! If you have a “compelling why”- maybe paying off your credit cards, extra income to support family, pay off student loans, etc. use this as motivation to not give up on this amazing job. Still have questions about reapplying after a failed mock class or demo lesson?


Feel free to e-mail me at teacherkristen25@gmail.com If you’re ready to reapply, use a different e-mail address to sign up and click the “I am ready to apply” banner to the right of this article to start your journey once again!

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