When I told friends and family about my opportunity with VIP KID, the comment I most frequently received was “Sounds like a scam. Be careful.” And you know what? I am not insulted by these comments at all since I had the same thought when I stumbled across the job ad on Indeed. This idea of VIPKID being a scam is really fueled back a lack of knowledge and understanding about the company’s mission and vision. However, I am here not just to tell you but to PROVE to you it is 100% not a scam. You will be paid, you will teach the absolute cutest students, and love working from home in your pajama pants! There will be opportunities to grow professionally and make a higher income if you desire to. Would it help to know that VIPKID was recently featured in both Forbes and Bloomberg? A little bit of researching and you quickly find the following information plus much, much, more on this truly awe-inspiring company!

The company is founded on a progressive curriculum and pedagogy- the United States Common Core state standards and currently serves about 200,00 students and employs over 20,000 teachers in the United States and Canada. Yes, you read that right- 200,000 students and that number continues to grow each and every day! Now you can understand why VIPKID is actively recruiting quality teachers- there’s a dire need for them and there’s no sign of the company’s growth slowing down anytime soon. Another fact that may put your mind at ease is that it was recently rate number 5 on the Forbes List “Work from home” Top 100 companies offering remote jobs. Pretty high up there, right!? I encourage you to take a look on Glassdoor or Indeed and spend some time reading reviews on the company. You will clearly begin to see that this company is legit and helping many families to make their dream of working at home come true! VIPKID also has a partnership with TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages), which also attests to their credibility and success- just check out their Linkedin.

Below you can learn more about Cindy Mi’s story (she is the founder of VIPKID) and how the company is on track to make 750 million dollars in revenue next year. The company’s exponential growth is clearly a positive sign and confirms that VIPKid is on its way to being a household name!

So, is VIP KID a scam? The cold, hard facts tell us NO WAY!! This is a real opportunity for people who are looking to get into online teaching while it’s still up and coming! Still having second thoughts!? Are friends and family worried about VIPKID being a scam? Please reach out to me and I can give you more information as I currently teach VIPKID and am passionate about providing the facts about the job and the company!

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