Is VIPKID Right For You?

1. You can handle early mornings and/or late nights
Due to the time change between the United States and China, you are teaching at what some
would call some very odd hours! Many parents are looking to book sessions for their children
between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. EST. Late nights are also very popular time slots. You will not teach
students during the day because it will nighttime in China during this time 🙂

2. You are okay with your income fluctuation
There are no guaranteed hours with VIPKID. You open the time slots that work for your schedule
and parents have the option to book you for sessions. This means that one week you may have
every available time slot taken, and the next week could look extremely sparse. For example, in
late January/early February Chinese New Year is in full swing. This will greatly affect your
schedule and you can expect bookings to be lower since families are celebration the holiday. (I
started in January, if you would like to hear my experience please e-mail me!) Your income will
fluctuate based on how many time slots you open, the number of parents who book you, and
the season or time of year.

3. You love teaching with children
This is a must! Your lessons will consist of 25 to 28 minute sessions with a Chinese student who
speaks minimal English. VIPKID teachers must have a passion for children even when they are
not at their best. You need to be committed to doing whatever it takes to make your student
feel comfortable and happy in the classroom. Only then can they show you what they are
capable of learning!

4. You are okay with being an independent contractor
When you sign a contract with VIPKID, you essential are in business for yourself. You need to
take the necessary steps to build your business, create your schedule, set up your classroom,
etc. This also means you will need to file your own taxes and there are NO health benefits
associated with the job.

5. You can be energetic and bubbly!
As I mentioned earlier, you will be working very early or late hours. It is essential that you keep
your energy high and a smile on your face! The children are excited for their English lessons and
they want to see you happy and ready to teach. You want every session to be an enjoyable
one for the student. Parents have the opportunity to rate the quality of your lesson and leave
feedback that will be visible to other prospective families/students.

6. You are highly organized
If you are hoping to work 20 or more hours, it is likely that you will need to schedule some back-
to-back classes. This means as one class ends you will have approximately 3-5 minutes to write
feedback to the parents and get logged in to your next session. Being prepared is essential! You
must have your props nearby and organized so your transition from one class to another is

7. You are punctual
VIPKID has a very strict cancellation policy. The children and families depend on you to be on
time and show up for the lessons! You are allowed six cancellations per contract period. Also,
being late is a big no-no and can greatly affect your booking rate.

8. You are okay with showing off your teaching skills through a demo and mock lesson

The application process includes 2-3 live lessons where you will be showcasing your teaching
skills and how you adapt to the needs of a student.

9. You are willing to put in the work early on in order to build your student base

Once you are hired, you will need to put in the time to market yourself to prospective families.
This means creating an introduction video, teacher profile, and opening your schedule as much
as possible. The more time slots you have available, the better the chance you have of being
booked. Early on, it is usually necessary for teachers to open as many time slots as possible in
order to begin getting noticed by parents.

10. You are willing to be patient for the first few weeks of the job while parents begin to notice
your teaching profile.

When you are a VIPKID newbie, it will take time for parents to get to know you and book you.
Do not expect to have a full schedule immediately after being hired. This is normal and your
bookings will slowly increase as more parents begin to view your teacher profile and
introduction video.

11. You are willing to follow through the entire application process

The application process has several steps. Make sure you are dedicated to following through
with each one! I offer FREE coaching throughout the application process and you can
customize how much (or how little) support you would like from me. Please feel free to reach
out to me at with any questions you may have! Happy teaching 🙂

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