The VIP application process includes quite a few steps, but do NOT stress. Just like anything in life, if you PLAN and PREPARE you will be golden! I offer free coaching throughout this entire process you can stay on track and begin teaching as quickly as possible! You can totally land this VIPKID job if you want it!  Feel free to email at for more information!

First you will want to look over the minimum requirements of the job (and guess what? Being a teacher is NOT one of them!)

  • Bachelor’s degree in ANY DISCIPLINE!
  • Access to a computer (desktop or laptop is fine)
  • Webcam (HD External webcam or built-in webcam)
  • Headset (Use a headset with a microphone, stable output and input)

The best part? You can teach from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, as long as you have solid internet connection with an internal or external webcam! The flexibility that comes along with a VIPKID job is amazing!

If you meet these requirements, keep on reading to learn more!

Next, you will submit your resume. My one HUGE TIP is to HIGHLIGHT YOUR EXPERIENCE pertaining to children and education! You may have impressive accomplishments in other areas (go you!) but the company is interested in screening your resume for how your skills with translate into success on the job.

If you pass the initial requirements and resume screening, you will be invited for a one on one OR recorded interview & demo lesson, which lasts about 30 minutes. Most applicants reach out to me for coaching to ensure they pass their demo with flying colors! The demo lesson also determines your base pay, so you want to really knock it out of the park (Click the demo lesson tab to learn more about this process).

If you rock your demo lesson and interview, you will be offered a pending contract and be able to view your base bay. However, you’re not hired just yet! Next, you will be required to learn more about VIPKID’s curriculum, standards, and policies via their online portal, along with taking a short quiz.

Next, you will move on to the mock class. This is where you gain valuable experience in practicing teaching a full length lesson! A mock class mentor will coach you and provide you with valuable feedback in beefing up your ESL skills instruction. (The mock class is a BIG part of the interview process, and can be a little scary if you’re not well informed! Take a peek at my mock class article to learn more about it!

Once you pass your mock class, you’ll signed your contract!! Woohoo!! You will be required to upload the necessary documents to get you set up with the company- a copy of Bachelor’s degree or transcript confirming the date you received the degree, a completed W-9 form, a professional looking photo of yourself, along with two more casual photos. These will be used on your teacher profile, which prospective parents can view.

That’s it- you’re in, welcome to your new job with VIPKID! You can open up your teaching schedule as soon as you would like 🙂 Through the VIPKID Portal, you will open time slots that are convenient for your to hold teaching sessions. VIPKID students and parents will begin booking you and you will be able to schedule your schedule through the VIPKid portal or app!

The DEMO Lesson!

If you meet the basic requirements and VIPKID is impressed with your resume credentials, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to set up a time for your demo lesson and interview. This part of the application process scares off a lot of people, but if you are fully prepared and informed on what to expect, you’ll do awesome! Please e-mail if you need support or coaching as you prep for your demo lesson:) There are TWO OPTIONS you may select:

  • A live interview: You will schedule a time for a virtual live interview with an employee at VIPKid Headquarters. They will begin by asking you about your interest in the company and experience in education. Next, you will teach 10-minute demo lesson. The VIPKID employee will pretend to be a 5-year-old student with limited English and will interact with you during your lesson. Yes, this sounds a bit ODD but again, if you are full prepared and informed, it is a very simple process! Next, you will receive immediate feedback on your performance. If you passed, you will be informed of your base pay salary and notified of the next steps of the process.


  • A Recorded Interview: You will follow the same steps as above but will record your lesson on your own time. You will need to pretend that there is a student in front of you! Once your lesson is complete, you will upload it and e-mail it to VIPKID. They will e-mail you within 24 to 48 hours notifying you if you passed your demo lesson, along with next steps!


Mock 1 Lesson (and maybe mock 2!)

The Mock 1 class lesson is truly a way to prepare you to be ready to teach sweet children in China that are excited to learn English! You will be required to teach for a full 25 minutes and this will be LIVE with a mock class mentor. This is a highly qualified VIP teacher that is trained to provide you with feedback to help improve your instruction. Just like in the live demo, they will take on the role of the student and you will teach them. However, mock differs in the sense that you will teach 2 lessons- one 10 minute lesson geared toward a younger Level 2 younger student and another 15 minute lesson geared toward an older Level 4 student. There will be a break in between the two lesson and the Mock class Mentor will provide you will feedback on the strengths of your lesson, as well as areas for improvement. A small percentage of people (luckily I was one of them) are given the go ahead to teach after Mock 1, but many are required to complete a Mock 2. This follows the same format as Mock 1, but provides you with an additional chance to showcase your skills and implement the feedback the mock class mentor has provided you with. This process can be a bit intimidating, but I cannot stress this point enough- be prepared and informed! VIPKID is dedicated to hiring the most qualified applicants and in order for you to be hired you need to show that your organized, knowledgeable, excited, and ready to teach these amazing children! Please feel free to reach out to me at as you prep for your mock class- I can fill you in on tips and tricks I used to get hired immediately after Mock 1!

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