My Review Of The VIPKID Mock Class Experience

As a seasoned VIPKID teacher and coach…
I work with many applicants as they tackle the “mock class”, which is a huge component of the application process.

Once you meet the basic educational requirements of the job, you will be asked to either record or do a live 10 minute “demo” lesson showcasing your teaching skills. If you make it past this round, you will move on to something called “teaching prep”. This is where you will learn the ESL strategies needed to become a successful VIPKID teacher! Then, it’s time for Mock Class 1. I receive tons of e-mails daily from applicants telling me how nervous they are to schedule their mock class! Well, I am here to ease your worries and let you know it really is not such a scary experience. Knowing what to expect and preparing well for your mock are the two keys to successfully earning a contract with VIPKID. You will calm your nerves if you know what lies ahead of you in regards to the mock lesson(s). This knowledge allows create a blueprint on how to plan and successfully pass your mock lesson. Remember, once you pass the mock class, you are official offered a contract with VIPKID! Here are a few important things to know about your Mock 1 (and possibly Mock 2 lessons), which will ease your worries and help you to pass with flying colors!

It will be in real-time with a Mock Class Mentor

There is no option to record your mock class. You must schedule it ahead of time and will be delivering your lesson in real-time. Here’s the part that can be a little strange…..your student will be “played” by a mock class mentor (evaluator). The mock class evaluator will pretend to be a student and interact with you during your lesson. And, yes, you must prepare for them to act confused and need clarification throughout the lesson, just like a young English language learner may experience! One thing to know about the mock class mentor is that they are ALL current VIPKID teachers. They once were in your shoes and went through the same exact process! To take on the role of a Mock Class Mentor (evaluator), teachers are required to have taught at least 1,000 classes with a very high parent feedback rating. These VIPKID teachers really know their stuff and have a ton of experience in the virtual classroom. They have applied for the position of a mock class mentor because they have a true desire to help you PASS this process! So do not feel like they are there to trip you up or intimidate you. Their goal is to give you a feel of what it will be like to teach in a virtual classroom with a student who knows little to know English. Think of it as a learning experience and you will have a much better attitude toward the entire mock class process. The mock class mentor will also will give you meaningful feedback from your lesson that you can reflect on, which allows you to refine and grow your teaching skills.


You are scored based on a rubric

As you deliver your mock lesson, your mock class evaluator will give you a score based on several performance indicators as TPR, repetition, level appropriate output, positive correction, etc. The best part is you have access to the document PRIOR to your mock class lesson. This allows you to review what’s expected of you in each of the different areas of the lesson. If you would like to see a sneak peek of this rubric, feel free to e-mail me at and I would be happy to answer any additional questions about the performance indicators you will be evaluated on!

Failed your Mock Class? You will have a second chance…and maybe more!
Failed your Mock 1 lesson? No worries at all! In most cases, you will be asked to complete a second Mock class and prepare a different lesson, going through process again. In this second mock class, the Mock class evaluator is looking for your progress and growth as a potential VIPKID teacher. Did you review the feedback you received from Mock 1 and make changes to your instruction and lesson delivery methods? Did you fully prepare to teach the lesson objectives, review the performance indicators, and familiarize yourself with different ESL strategies? Remember growth and self-reflection are KEY components of passing the mock class the second time around. Mock 2 is truly about professional development and showing the mock class evaluator that you are open to learning, practicing, and refining your instructional skills in the virtual classroom! Here’s another piece of great news for all you potential applicants…in the coming months, VIPKID is rolling out a new application process, where you basically keep re-taking your mock class until you pass! Takes the pressure off a little, right? VIPKID recognizes the value and need for potential VIPKID teachers to develop their ESL skills and learn from the Mock Class mentors and other veteran teachers. Yay for multiple chances to work with become a teacher with this amazing company! Bottom line: if you really want this job you can totally get it! It just takes dedication, effort, and careful planning.

Need help in preparing for your Mock 1 or Mock 2 class? I am here to help you land this amazing job as VIPKID teacher Feel free to reach out to me at with an questions you may have! I coach many applicants through the application process and I am truly excited to share what I know about this amazing job with others!

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