Okay I’m Interested- Now Show Me The Money!

So you by now you are probably wondering, how much does a job with VIP KID pay? There are a few variables that factor into what VIP calls your “base pay” and I’ll review them here.

Your experience- Do you have a Master’s degree? TESOL certificate? Teaching experience? These advanced degrees and credentials will assist you in getting a higher base pay rate.

Your Demo Lesson- You will be offered a base pay rate based on your experience/credentials AND your performance on the demo lesson. This is another reason I recommend coaching during your application process! You want to be sure you receive the highest base pay rate, so it is imperative that your demo lesson is on point!

Your base pay will be anywhere from 7-9 dollars PER 30 minute session, which comes out to 14-18 dollars an hour. But wait, we are not stopping there- there’s MORE money to be earned!

Participation Incentive- For every class that teach and show up to on time, you receive an additional 1 per session. Pretty amazing right, what job gives you a raise just for being on time!?

Monthly Classes Worked Incentive- If you work more than 30 hours a month, you receive a .50 cent per class bonus added to your base pay.If you work more than 45 hours a month, you receive a 1.00 per class bonus added to your base pay.

Trial Classes- A trial class is a session that is given to student for free, and is essentially a “test drive” for the parent and students to see if they want to sign up for paying sessions. If you are able to get a trial student to sign up for regular sessions, you earn a 5 dollar incentive!

So overall, your hourly pay can be anywhere from 14-22 dollars an hour. This is not including any trial class incentives you earn plus hitting special incentive programs that VIPKID will run from time to time. Not bad for a stay at home job, where you can to teach from anywhere in the world!

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