My Story With VIPKID

 Finding My Road to VIPKID

Like many of you, teaching is an absolute passion of mine. My job as a public school teacher was a big part of my life and I spent copious amounts of time lesson planning, preparing, and setting up my students for success in the classroom. Around year 8 I hit my stride- I had a job in a wonderful school district in Arizona, teaching my favorite grade ever (kindergarten!), and receiving highly positive reviews and feedback from my administration team.

An opportunity presented itself for me to be promoted to Instructional Coach and I quickly jumped on it! Mentoring teachers to assist them in designing highly effective lessons was truly rewarding experience! Fast forward 2 years, and I get engaged on Christmas (YAY!) and suddenly we are moving back to Florida- the place where my teaching career started. My fiancé landed a great job in Sarasota and in just a matter of months we made the cross country trek back home.

For the first time in my life, I was jobless. It was a scary feeling to say the least and I spent some real time really reflecting on my life. As I begin to think about my future goals and priorities- being a supportive wife, a nurturing mother, I had an a-ha moment. I knew that teaching or coaching in the public school system would not allow me the time I needed to stay true to my number one priority- my family. In full disclosure- I was spending about 60 plus hours a week doing school-related activities.

I was fulfilled but I was TIRED (and often stressed, drowning in paperwork)…there was little room in my life for anything else. I realized I neglected a lot of other areas of my life in order to be the best teacher possible, and I certainly did not want to continue down this path in the future. In true “Kristen” fashion I began to worry- what else could I do with a degree in education outside of the public education system?  How could I make a decent income to support my family? Would I have to leaving the teaching profession altogether? If I stayed with full-time teaching, would paying for daycare, negate all my hard work in contributing to the family? If I had to leave teaching altogether, would I be happy doing something else? Teaching was my heart and teaching those little faces every day made every difficult day worth it. And so it began, days and months of looking on Indeed searching for a job that seemingly didn’t exist- flexible hours, decent money, and an opportunity that would allow me to interact with children. Each day I felt a little more defeated than the next as nothing that matched my requirements appeared on the screen.

Then I came across and indeed ad titled, Part time teacher- Work From Home. I thought for sure it as a scam and I almost scrolled right by it but….I couldn’t help it- I was intrigued. As I read the blurb about the position I couldn’t help but feel super excited- teaching young children in China how to speak English from the comfort of your own home? It seemed too good to be true (let’s be honest there are lots of online scam jobs out there), and I knew first I needed to do my homework before applying. I read HUNDREDS of VIPKID reviews from people already hired stating that this job was blessing and it allowed them to stay at home with their family AND make supplemental income. I even read an article about Dan Didio, a phenomenal VIPKID teacher who works FULL-TIME for the company and makes 75,000!! That’s was it- I was all in.

This was clearly a legitimate online teaching job! I quickly applied, was hired, and the rest is history! I’m beyond excited to be a VIPKID teacher and I am passionate about spreading the word and coaching applicants so they can experience the joy of teaching from home on their own terms! Please use this website as a resource to learn more about the company, the application process, and to ask questions about what the life of a VIPKID teacher is like! I also offer FREE coaching to help applicants successfully get through the application process. Or, if you not ready to officially apply you can send me you questions and I will be sure to respond within 24 hours. Please e-mail at and I am happy to coach you through the application process as well as supporting you in being successful in the job once you are hired. Happy reading and happy online teaching in your p.j’s 🙂