Teaching Online (With VIPKID) Vs Teaching In A Classroom

The Virtual VIPKID Classroom

How Does It Differ From The Brick & Mortar Classroom?


When I got hired as a VIPKID teacher, I will be honest I was bit worried!! Although I had over 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher, I wondered if my teaching expertise would translate to being a successful ESL teacher! The answer is a resounding YES! As educators, over time we develop a strong talent for being adaptive and responsive to student needs. I believe this is number one factor in becoming an excellent ESL teacher. Just like in the classroom, you will have students with varying abilities, needs, and personalities. It is your job to meet each child at their individual level, adjusting your instruction to assist them in reaching their academic potential. What I love about teaching online with VIPKID is that you are teaching ONE child at a time….so for teachers with some classroom experience-it is very easy to do this! Educators have superior multi-tasking skills, but luckily, for this position you only need to focus on ONE student at time. For example, you may need to syllabicate a word slowly for a student who is having trouble sounding out a word or break out the whiteboard for a child who is a visual learner. All of your brick and mortar teacher training will be utilized in your online teaching sessions with students!

It is also important to keep in mind that you will want to continue to follow the Gradual Release of Responsibility model of “I do”, “We Do”, “You Do”. Students learning a second language learn primarily from imitating what they hear and see, so it is essential that your modeling skills are on point! This includes using visuals, props, and gestures to assist your student in understanding the concepts and vocabulary. Remember, they see you in a small box on the computer screen, not in the classroom! It is so important that your teaching is structured, planned, masterfully executed, all why keeping a positive attitude. You may be your student’s very first interaction with a foreign speaker- you want it to be a happy and enjoyable one!

One difference from teaching in the brick and mortar classroom is there is NO lesson planning as a VIPKID teacher!! You heard me right! I am so much more relaxed in my VIPKID sessions because I know there is a solid curriculum in place and the lessons are interactive and FUN! My one and only job is to deliver the information in a successful manner. For me at least, there is NO STRESS with teaching with VIPKID!! I do not worry about teaching my classes or get nervous before heading into the virtual classroom. I quickly preview the lesson 15 minutes or so before we begin and I’m ready to go! This is such a huge plus for me and I’m sure it will be for you as well! VIPKID allows you to fall back in love with teaching by removing the paperwork, planning, and tedious administrative tasks of being in the education field! I also love teaching ONE child at time. I think this is something that all teachers crave in the brick and mortar classrooms- that opportunity to really hone in on one child’s specific needs, learning style, and personality. VIPKID makes this possible and the relationships you form with your students are truly special! They may introduce you to their families, take you on a tour of Bejiing, or share with you how they celebrate Chinese New Year. It is just simply amazing and I am confident you will LOVE being a VIPKID teacher! If you have any questions about the process of becoming a VIPKID teacher, please feel free to reach out to me at teacherkristen25@gmail.com– I would love to help others take advantage of this cutting edge educational opportunity!


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