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Curious about when a VIPKID teacher gets their much needed shut eye? Want to know what type of hours a VIPKID teacher typically works? Keep reading J The life of a VIPKID teacher includes some very early morning and/or late nights. This is due to the time change between the United States and China. Don’t expect to teaching at one or two in the afternoon- you sweet students will be sleeping at this timeJ  The most popular times for families to book sessions are referred to as “peak, peak” and “peak”. When you open these highly coveted time slots, they typically fill up very quickly. If you open non-peak slots, you may have a difficult time filling these spots as there are not as families interested in that time for a session. I have listed the most popular time slots (along with the Bejiing time conversion) below:

Before you even land the job with VIPKID, you will want to start thinking not only about what time slots you will open, but your sleep schedule! As with any job, shut eye is extremely important and necessary in order to keep you happy and successful as a VIPKID teacher. Teaching a very young student English at 4 a.m. requires you to have a HUGE smile, high energy, along with a positive attitude. Looking tired or yawning during sessions could lower your parent feedback rating, causing you to lose bookings. I would say that the sleep schedule is one of the most difficult parts of the job, but it is definitely NOT a deal breaker. However, it takes a bit of time create and execute a plan that will work for you and your life. Here are a few tips and suggestions to make your VIPKID teacher schedule work for YOU!

*Get to Bed Early!! If at all possible, try and get a full 7-8 hours sleep. Trust me, your body will thank you for it! I have taught on as little as 3-4 hours sleeps and it feels like torture 🙁 You can totally do it, but you want be at your very best. In all honesty, I probably get 6 hours or so night. I like to spend some time with my fiancé when he gets home in the evening, so my bedtime gets pushed back a bit.

*Split Sleep Schedule/Naps– Something that has been working well for me is to teach my 3:00-10:00 a.m. shift, then going immediately back to bed for about 3 hours or so. I am up around one or 2 o’clock and still have a good portion of the day to run errands, etc. This technique helps me make up for the lost sleep the night before. **Invest in a good pair of black out blinds! This will help you to get quality sleep during your daytime sleep schedule

*Exercise- It is so important to make time for some exercise, no matter how tired you are! This could be a walk around the block or hitting the gym. Teaching with VIPKID is a sedentary job, which can cause you to feel more sluggish unless you take preventative measures! One way to fight the exhaustion is to stay healthy and active. Many VIPKID teachers have invested in a standup desk or even teach classes on an exercise ball!

*When all else fails, get caffeinated- We all have those days where we were up late the night before…life happens. Coffee and caffeinated beverages can be your best friend if you need to power through some early morning or late night teaching sessions successfully. Remember, a poor teaching session results in dissatisfied parents and a low rating for you. You want to avoid this at all costs since it will greatly affect your booking rate!

*CAUTION- Your first week of teaching these type of early morning or late hours will take a bit of a toll on your body and mind! I remember my first week of teaching I felt very out of sorts. Here’s a helpful tip- start off slow, only booking a few early morning classes in a row. This will help your body SLOWLY adjust to waking up at totally different time. The best part of being a VIPKID teacher is you are in CONTROL of your schedule and can customize it to fit your lifestyle!

Want to know more about what my daily schedule with VIPKID looks like? Have questions about peak hours or booking sessions? Feel free to e-mail at

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