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So you’ve landed a job with VIPKID and you are anxious to start! You set up your classroom, have your
props read to go, are ready for those early morning sessions…but one problem- YOU HAVE NO or
extremely LOW bookings. I am here to tell you (from experience) not to panic! It will take time for
parents to find you through the Teacher Portal and you need to remain patient, calm, and optimistic.
Every class that you do book should be seen as opportunity to make it an absolutely amazing session for
the student! You are building your brand and credibility with the parents and students through each and
every session. You want them to remember your name, teaching style, and the connection you mad
with their child.

Chinese New Year 2018 begins on February 16th and the festival lasts for about 23 days.
During this time the students are off from school, big businesses shut down, and families often
will vacation during this time. Naturally, your bookings will be lower during Chinese New Year as
the students are enjoying some well-deserved down time. However, don’t fret- you definitely
can still get some classes booked! VIPKID runs a Winter Camp, which offers families a break
from the standard sessions and a more interactive theme-based “special” sessions. Many
parents do sign up their children for these seasonal classes in order to keep their child’s
progress going. You can easily get certified by reading through the requirements of the Winter
Camp program, watching training videos, and taking a short quiz. Another tip- open up as many
evening time slots as you can during Chinese New Year. The students are off from school and
their parents may want to book their sessions earlier in the day (remember the time change
between the U.S & China!). So, to sum it up, if you are starting during Chinese New Year (like I
did) it is important that you remain positive, and understand it is NOT YOU. These sweet
children are off celebrating the new year and will return to school happier and more excited
than ever!

If you have been researching VIPKID bookings on online forums, you may have heard about
something called “booking frenzy”. This happens every Sunday night at 11 p.m. EST, which is 12
p.m. Beijing time. This is where the following week becomes available for the parents to book
you! In my experience, this “frenzy” applies more to seasoned VIP KID teachers who have a large
student base. Families anxiously wait for the opening of the schedule so they can book their
child’s favorite teacher. When I first started, I did get some bookings during the frenzy, but I also
received many throughout the week (trials and new students). So if “the booking frenzy” is not
such a “frenzy” for you don’t stress! Remember, building your credibility and your business
takes time and patience (especially if you are like me and started during Chinese New Year).
Hang in there and I promise it will get better!

Checking the 24 hour booking box can also increase your chances of being booked as well as
scoring you 2 dollars extra per session! However, you need to be prepared to teach a class with
as little as 1 hour notification- so be on your toes and ready to go. If you check this box, you
must consistently check your schedule for bookings. Missing a class is a HUGE no-no for VIPKID,
since parents and students are depending on you! Before you go to bed each night, you may
want to uncheck the 24 hour button if you have super early slots, that way you aren’t caught off
guard when you’re half asleep! If you are dedicated to teaching those “before sunrise” last
minute bookings, I recommend getting up at least 1 hour early to check and see if the slot has
been filled.

Here’s a booking tip that many VIPKID teachers swear by: the night before the following day’s
classes, uncheck all your open time slots, then quickly go back and re-check them, as well as
marking the 24 hour box. There’s a rumor that a notification will be sent to parents when new
slots open, making easier for parents to find you! Definitely worth a try and doesn’t require too
much effort!

Still have questions about the VIPKID process? Or are you struggling with low bookings or no
bookings? Feel free to e-mail me at and I will be happy to chat with you 🙂

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