VIPKID Mock Class Tips

Everything You Need To Know To Pass Mock 1 & Mock 2


  1. Speak SLOWLY & CLEARLY– The students you are teaching are English Language Learners and they need additional time to process what you are saying. Think about how you feel when you are trying to ask for directions in a foreign country…now you get the idea! Speaking slower is definitely the way to go when you are teaching during your mock class. You also want to make sure you are clearly enunciating each of the vocabulary words in your lesson- remember your student will model your speaking skills so they need to be on point.
  2. Use LOTS of TPR- You will hear a lot about TPR if you search the VIPKID forums. This stands for Total Physical Response, which means you use gestures and/or visuals for the target vocabulary words or concepts you are introducing. This is an important ESL technique, especially at the lower levels! It allows your lesson to become multisensory for the student, increasing the chances that they will understand the lesson content! For example, if you are teaching the word “sleep” you may show a picture of someone in bed, or model how you sleep using your face and hands! You can even show them how to snore J TPR also helps your student stay engaged in the lesson and makes learning fun!
  3. Practice Your Pacing- This is a big one! Remember, you only have 25-28 minutes (max) to teach your student! You also need to account for time for your student respond, make comments, draw/circle on the screen- you get the idea! It is extremely important that you pace yourself throughout your mock lesson, approximately 1 minute or so a slide. If your mock class mentor demonstrates understanding of the content on the slide, this is your cue to move on! You do not have to complete every activity on the slide if he/she has shown mastery of it. You will want to spend more time on slides that the mock class mentor is struggle with. I recommend timing yourself prior to your mock class so you can feel confident in your pacing!
  4. Smooth Transitions- You will want to use at least 3 props during your lesson to help aid in your mock class mentor’s understanding of the lesson content. This means you will need to have them easily in reach, that way the lesson flows seamlessly. You may want to label them with a sticky note by slide so you remember what you need when the pressure is on!
  5. Smile & Build Rapport- I recommend recording yourself prior to your mock class lesson. This can provide you with valuable insight on your teaching skills and your overall demeanor during the lesson. Remember, you may be the first English speaking person your student is interacting with! They may be a little intimidated, shy, or scared. A warm welcoming smile is a must! You will want to ensure your energy is up throughout the lesson, encouraging your student to interact during the session. You are your students’ biggest cheerleader and you want them to feel comfortable! It is also essential that you build a rapport with your student by ask questions such as “how are you?”, “how was school today”, and “what is your favorite color?”. Taking a few moments to get to know your student or even share a little something about yourself goes a long way!
  6. Wait Time- During your mock lesson, ensure you are giving the mock class mentor an appropriate amount of time to respond. Three to four seconds is a good rule of thumb to follow. If they still are having trouble, model how to complete the activity or say the word, have them repeat, and move on!
  7. Be Prepared, Be Authentic- It is very easy to watch several vides on you tube regarding mock class tips. The VIPKID community is so supportive and there are many teachers willing to share their knowledge of how to specifically teach the mock class lessons. Disclaimer- Please do not try to copy someone else’s lesson verbatim. This will be a recipe for disaster as you will be reading through the slides as a script rather than trying to gauge the ability of your mock class mentor (a.k.a student). He/she will be looking for you to adjust your teaching, pacing, and responses based on how the interact with the lesson material. I encourage your watch videos, read mock class tips, etc. but make sure you stay true to your teaching style and the method of delivering the lesson content that is comfortable for you!
  8. Look The Part- A clean and neat appearance is expected during your mock class interview. Although the orange shirt is no longer required for work, you can sport one to show your team VIPKID! If orange is not your color, I recommend a logo-free solid color shirt.
  9. Lighting- Obviously, you want your student to be able to clearly see you. Ensure you have enough lighting so your face is illuminated and your background is bright. Often times one overhead light is not enough to brighten your area. I recommend 2 small desk lamps equipped with LED light bulbs.
  10. Technology Check– Test your webcam, headset, and internet connection prior to the mock class! You are able to enter the VIPKID classroom 1 hour before starting your lesson. I encourage you to take advantage of this perk. This is a great time to work out any technology issues and ensure you are looking your best on camera!
  11. Classroom Background- You want to ensure that the area behind you during your lesson is free of clutter. Remember, this is your classroom! I recommend hanging an ABC chart or a few cute posters in the background (the Dollar store has a great section for this!). This allows you to create a warm and inviting classroom and communicates the message that you have prepared well for the mock class!
  12. Be Reflective- If you are prepping for mock class 2, it is imperative that you take the feedback you received from mock class 1 and implement it. This demonstrates that you are open to being coached and refining your ESL teaching skills!
  13. Ask questions- If you have more questions, please feel free to e-mail me! I offer free coaching to walk you through each and every step of the application process (including mock 1 and 2). I was fortunate to pass after Mock 1 and I would love to share my success tips with you:) Please feel free to reach out to me at 

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