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As you can probably tell, I am truly impressed with the company. The level of support and professionalism, coupled with an amazing mission and vision makes me feel grateful that I found this opportunity! My goal is to ensure you have all the facts to help you decide if VIPKID is right for you. Here is my short but sweet review on the company and job:

#1 The application process is rigorous, but NOT Impossible!

If you are interested in applying for VIPKID, you need to be dedicated to going through a bit of a longer application process. I believe this is a good thing! VIPKID seeks out the best applicants that are passionate about teaching and working with children. There are several steps in the application process and it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed at first. This is why I recommend working with a current VIPKID teacher (hopefully me!) who knows the ins and outs of the process and can support you in staying on track with everything!

#2 VIPKID is a HIGHLY successful company

VIPKID has a strong mission and vision based in providing quality English Language Instruction to students in China. VIPKID provides English language instruction through the use of 25 minute virtual sessions to kids in China ranging in the ages 4-12. The curriculum is based on U.S. Common Core State Standards and implements a flipped-classroom approach to foster higher level thinking skills. The flipped classroom is an interesting method but won’t be surprising to those in the education field. We do a lot of “pre-teaching” in the classroom, which is essentially at the heart of the method. A “flipped classroom approach” means that VIPKID students watch an educational video prior to their live session that covers the content currently being taught. This prepares the students for what they are about to learn in class and allows them to build the background knowledge needed to be successful during the lesson. The actual lesson with the teacher is reserved for activities that go in depth with the content and foster rich discussion.

VIP Kid was recently rated NUMBER ONE on the 2018 Forbes list “Work from home: Top 100 companies offering remote jobs”. I encourage you to take a look on Glassdoor or Indeed and read through the many VIPKID reviews- you will clearly begin to see that this company is legit and helping many families to make their dream of working at home come true! Below you can learn more about Cindy Mi’s story and how VIPKID is on track to make 750 million dollars in revenue next year.

#3 It provides you with FREEDOM to work anywhere in the world

This major perk of the job is amazing! Recently I went home to New York for a few weeks to visit family. I still needed to keep my income going, so I brought my laptop with me and voila- I taught from my sister’s living room each morning! The beauty of this job is that you make it work for you and your schedule- no matter where you are in the world! Not many other jobs can compete with this!

#4 You are your OWN BOSS!!!

When you partner with VIPKID, you are an independent contractor. Basically, you are in business for yourself! You create your own schedule- don’t like working nights? Don’t open time slots at this time. You can work as much or as little as you like. There are stories of people taking on LOTS of students and working 50-60 hours because the truly love the job (and the money that comes along with it!). However, if you are looking for a side job to generate a little extra income, this could be the perfect job for you as well!

#5 There’s opportunities for incentives and bonuses!

VIPKID does a phenomenal job of motivating teachers to take on more classes! At various times of the year they will offer monetary incentives to teachers who teach a certain amount of classes at specific times or a certain number of class or positive parent feedbacks in a month. It keeps the job fun and keeps you grinding to build your business!

#6 You get paid even when the students do not show up!

Yes…you heard me! If you have a booking and they cancel within 24 hours you STILL GET PAID! You can use this time to prep for your next class, or go make yourself another cup of coffee! Love, love, love this policy!

#7 Lesson Plans

When you’re hired with VIP KID, there is NO LESSON PLANNING! You heard me! Lesson plans are done for you and even include tips and directions on each Powerpoint slide. Preview your lesson the night before or a few minutes before you teach and you are good to go 🙂

#8 The first month- go slow now, to go fast later!

In the first month, parents and students are just getting to know you. This is a time where you need to exercise patience as you wait for your schedule to book up! It will happen but you need to give it a few weeks to get going! In the meantime, I used this time to take workshops through the company on student engagement techniques, marketing myself, and more!

#9 Professional Development Opportunities Galore!

VIPKID offers TONS of workshops that help you improve your teaching skills and in turn increase your bookings! They are all virtual and are offered at a variety of times. The company also provides you with the opportunity to interact and chat with other VIPKID teachers. Another thing I love about the company is the community of teachers is very welcoming and open to share ideas, tips, and tricks in the virtual classroom!

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