VIPKID Review: How VIPKID Stacks Up Against The Competition

If you’ve done any kind of research on becoming an ESL online teacher, you probably are well aware that there many companies to choose from! Magic Ears, Dada ABC, and Gogo Kid are just a few of them. Well, I’ve researched them ALL and I am here to tell you VIPKID is truly the best company to begin your teaching partnership with! Here is a brief review on why I believe VIPKID has the competitive edge on the online teaching market:
1. Longevity: VIPKID has been around for since 2013 and has grown into a billion dollar company! It recently snagged the number one spot on Forbes “Best Work From Home Jobs” list. With VIPKID, there are no worries about getting paid on time or there being a shortage of students. VIPKID currently has about 300,000 students and expects this number to continue to rapidly increase in the coming years! Newer ESL companies do not have have anywhere near this many students, but will often advertise like crazy for teachers. This results in it being a struggle for many teachers to get bookings! I sleep well every night knowing that VIPKID is an established company recognized for its many achievements in global online education!
2. Online Teaching Environment:  VIPKID has an amazing curriculum based on the Common Core State standards. There are clear and achieveable learning objectives, which makes it very easy to teach the content. The best part of the VIPKID online teaching environment is the 1:1 classroom setting. Teaching ONE student at a time is truly a blessing! It allows you to personalize the learning for the child and develop a true relationship with them. It also ensures the stuent is focused on the lesson with no distractions. Companies such as Magic Ears and Qkids require you to teach multiple children during one lesson. Basically, they chorally respond or you give them individual turns. This can be a lot to handle if you are just starting out as a online teacher! No thank you, I am all about the VIPKID 1:1 classroom setting!
3. Specialize In Your Strengths: With the majority of other online ESL companies, you are certified to teach children of all abilities and ages ranging from age 4-15. While this wide range of students and teacher certification may be appealing for some, for me it is a huge negative. After teaching over 14 years in the public schools, I know my teaching style, abilities, preferences very well. I love teaching the littles, they have my heart! I also have a Master’s Degree in teaching the foundational skills needed of reading and writing. With VIPKID, I am able to teach the levels and subject areas I enjoy!
 As a VIPKID teacher, you are able to certify to teach different levels. Maybe you really dislike teaching upper level reading comprehension. Or perhaps you struggle with building a connection with the younger students but can rock conversations with the older ones? VIPKID has you covered!! Request certifications only in the areas you feel are your strengths and build your confidence in the online classroom! Love teaching kids of all ages and abilities?! Request all the certifications 🙂
Still have questions about becoming a teacher with VIPKID? I’ve got answers for you! Feel free to e-mail me at and I will be happy to share with you experiences working with VIPKID. Ready to apply? Click the “I’m Ready To Apply To VIPKID” banner to the right to get started!

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