VIPKID Teacher Essentials

Wondering What You Will Need to be a Successful VIPKID Teacher? Read Below!!

You will find two basic types of VIPKID teachers- “prop minimalists” and “prop fanatics”. You will quickly realize what kind of teacher you are once you teach your first class! Some teachers are extremely creative and love spending time creating materials for their VIPKID lessons. Others limited their prop use and rely more on TPR, using gestures, intonation, songs, etc. It is a proven fact that props and visuals such as household items, toys, trinkets, food, etc. can enrich your lesson, deepen your student’s understanding of the concepts, as well as keep them engaged! However, when you are first starting out as a VIPKID teacher, it can feel quite overwhelming to gather all these materials. Don’t stress- you absolutely DO NOT need to spend a ton of money or time gathering props for your lessons! Here are my top tips on the essential (and CHEAP) props that can be used in almost every lesson, regardless of age or ability level!

  1. ABC flashcards- You can pick up a set of these from the Dollar Store! They are extremely helpful since many VIPKID lessons teach letter names and sounds. These flashcards also have a picture that matches the letter which can be a great visual for your student. Magnetic or felt letters will also do the trick J


  1. A Whiteboard- This is another awesome item you can pick up at the Dollar store! You can write out important vocabulary words, draw pictures and have students label them to increase English output, play reward games on it, etc. The possibilities are endless!


  1. A Puppet- You can find a variety of puppets at Goodwill, on Amazon, or at Walmart for a fairly inexpensive price. A puppet helps to model and increase your student’s English output by making the lesson more engaging and fun! Many teachers also use the puppet when a question is being asked. This helps the student understand they are not to repeat this question but to respond with their own sentence. A stuffed animal is also a wonderful prop which can help in teaching body parts or can simply help a shy child smile J


  1. If you have a color printer, the prop opportunities are endless J There are many VIPKID facebook groups where talented VIPKID teachers share there props via Google Drive and PDF’s for all to share! Just print them out, laminate, and you are ready to teach! I am a big fan of 2D props because I teach several back to back classes and they are extremely easy to organize and keep track of. Stick magnets on the back and you will never lose track of them!


Have more questions about what you will need as a VIPKID teacher? Feel free to e-mail me at and I will be happy to chat with you about all things VIPKID!

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