What’s it like to be VIPKID Teacher?

(Take A Peek Inside My VIPKID Schedule)

Wondering what a typical day looks like as a VIPKID teacher? Keep reading and I’ll take you on my daily VIPKID adventure A little about me – I have been with the company 100 days and have already taught over 500 classes! I work 30 or more hours each week. I am happy to report that I have all 5 apple parent feedback, which is the highest rating you can receive from families. I work super hard during each session to ensure I am providing the child with the highest quality instruction possible! This benefits the child (obviously) but also benefits you! Each successful lesson you teach increases the chances that the family will rebook you to teach their children! The more students you have, the more money you will make

3:15 a.m.- My alarm usually goes off and I have to admit I do hit a few times! I am trying to get better about this! I am usually out of bed and up and moving by 3:45 a.m.

3:45 a.m.- 4:00 a.m. I throw on my orange t-shirt, do my make-up, and make a cup of coffee. During this time I also restart my computer….nothing is WORSE than your computer updating in the middle of class!

4:00-4:30 a.m.– I quickly test my headset and webcam to make sure I am good to go. Then I look over my schedule for the day. I typically teach 10 classes in row. The majority of these students are regulars and I have taught them many times before. This is really nice because you already know the child’s learning style and have a good idea of how the class will flow. I organize my 2D props on my magnetic cookie sheet, decide on my reward system for the day, and I am ready to go!

5 a.m.-10a.m. – I teach back to back classes. I have 5 minutes in between each class so pacing is very important here. Classes are 25 minutes long and then you are required to right feedback to the parents informing them of their child’s performance in class. Instead of writing the actual feedback in between classes, I quickly jot notes on a Google doc. This takes only a minute or two. I use the additional for minutes to use the restroom, make a ANOTHER quick cup of coffee, or just have a quick mental break. I know many teachers who use this time to get their feedback done, so it is possible to fit it in during this time. However, I didn’t like the feeling of being so rushed so I choose to do it after all of my classes are done for the morning.

10:00 a.m.- My classes for the morning are done! I spend about 20-30 minutes writing my feedback by reviewing my Google doc notes.

Some days I will teach 2 or 3 classes during the evening. I also teach 5-8 classes on Saturday or Sunday morning, depending on what my week looks like and what I have going on. One key point to stress is you need adequate sleep do to this job well!! That means either getting to bed early OR utilizing a split sleep schedule. This means you head to bed for a few hours after you finish you morning classes. Although I sit while I teach, I am truly exhausted after 5 or more hours of teaching! I teach most Level 1 classes. They are very physical and you need to be much more animated than when teaching the other levels.

Curious about what your day to day routine my look like as a VIPKD teacher? Want more details on a job with VIPKID? Feel free to e-mail me at teacherkristen25@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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